I-485 ( marriage based green card )

120 days has passed since my interview and no response from uscis ! ( I did my interview in New York City)
What should I do ??

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I did mines there too, and no response either, I called them and they said it’s still in the time period

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I did mine in Tampa Florida on June 4th 2021 2 days ago 30 minutes after my status was changed,my case must be reviewed ,but the Officer told me your case approved you will be receive your green card 2 or 4 weeks it’s normal


I did my interview in December 2020 and still no response.


It’s really frustrating

You’ll probably receive it !

Was it in New York City too ?

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it is frustrating :frowning: Yes In New York

My case the same
2 year
3 interview
And still nothing

Really ? OMG
Wow this is crazy

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Me to I had waiting now it’s 180 days nothing happen anyone receive anything?

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Nothing yet is 142 for me now

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I did mines in July 2019…and I still waiting…Florida Miami…