I-485 ( marriage based green card )

Me too 265 after the interview

Interviewed 450 days waiting for the response from uscis New York

It takes awhile to receive your documents. My wife waited for a year. But then she received it.

How do I know which state my case is in?

You can Know from the letters that you number case start. Example if is start with SRC***** is in Texas, if is WAC**** is in California Service center

I sent you a picture of my status. How do I know where my case is in a state? This image is my latest update. And if there is anything to do, please advise. Thanks again for y

our help

  • MSC - Missouri Service Center (National Benefits Center

Did you get something from uscis, cause they’re saying that they told you why they moved your case. I suggest to call them and ask about your case

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Can i talk to you on phone number please

I want to talk to them about my case. Can I get their number?Please

Yes you can take on their uscis website

Did they separate you guys on the second interview? And how was it ?

Yes they separated us

How was it ? Did they ask lots of questions

After two and a half years waiting for an interview, today it finally happened, 2 hours later, your page says that your case is currently under review, this is frustrating

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Me to my case is taking three years now
I had three interviews
With three different agents
My last interview is going to Complete one year
And still showing your case must be reviewed
I stay one year without the work permit
They only renew it two weeks ago if I’m not mistaking
I saw a lot of similar cases taking too long Interracial couples too
Anyway we just have to wait sooner or later we we’re going to have an answer …
just relax I know he’s really hard
And and try to say positive


thank God , after a long wait my case was approved today :dancer:t4::dancer:t4::dancer:t4:


Aaww thank god congratulations :tada::balloon::champagne:

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I still waiting…my case from 2019😒

Hello guys. I went to the interview with my wife. the officer received us. he apologized for not being able to have the interview that day because they didn’t have my fingerprints. he said we’ll be back in two weeks. 380 days have passed … now my expired work permit … they sent me a letter in which they say that they will no longer call me for fingerprints for the new work permit … I use the old ones…. it doesn’t make sense. what can you tell me thank you