I-485 My case must be in review

Hello everyone
I had my interview last month and my Status still same my case must be in review what that mean what they do process in there. Also I wanna know in this kind of case they give us the green card or what happen in there please reply me .

For what I read, USCIS has 30 days to give you an decision so you are still within the normal processing time !!!

My case was like this to we had interview last year than the case shows the case must be reviewed
Than show we schedule a new interview
2 day later the interview las cancelled
We receive a later the interview was cancelled So we told was the second interview
So we didn’t went
One week later the case was denied
We couldn’t Reopen the case because we make the mistake
Know have A lawyer We send the all again
We waiting for the interview again

My advise is go and find a lawyer. I know it is expensive BUT you don’t want to be an illegal alien for the rest of your life here in America. This is the best investment you would ever do.

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You miss understand
We filed the case again
We just wait for the interview lol know
This tame we have A lawyer
The first time we didn’t have one.
And we we made a lot of mistakes
Omg could be illegal To much pressure
Sorry my writing is not good yet.

We are waiting for the interview to be schedule it for 8 months know We send the Documents on February

And the fun ting is the first we didn’t have a lawyer
The online case check was send a lot of maxi information
Like you card was send that was send to the Texas New York

When we receive the letter of interview canceled online was all showing interview cancelled
This time with lawyer
The online is not sending mix information
Anyway I hope we have the interview soon
This is the the must stressful situation I have been in my life.

My friend has kinda same thing. Her interview was in august and after it changed to case must be in review and still no update.
Anyone know how long will it take for her !?

It vary from case to case. I have a friend in NY who has been waiting over a year :frowning:

Oh ok thank you for info. :blush: