I-751 biometric on July

Has anybody got approved after doing the biometric on July 2019??

I did my biometric sense February 6 I m still waiting but I know at this time the process is take about 15 to 18 month

I have done my biometric on July 9 th 2019 still waiting on my GC
Have you received it ?

Mine still waiting I hope to get it in December

Has anyone received notice of transfer to one USCIS office and IVR saying it’s another. I751

After Biometric how long it takes u to get work permit?

I send mine sense December 27/2018 and USCIS receive my application January 4 and got my biometric February 6 and extension February 8 on the mail now I m still waiting for my 10 year green card

Only 3 weeks , cuz I send my application around July 2015 and got my working permit 90 days after I send it