I feel like I was used

Rushed into marriage with this guy, did all necessary paperwork for him to become a resident, he was granted 2 (temp) years, visa expired, filed for him to become a permanent resident, now awaiting an interview with immigration bc they said that we didn’t have enough proof to prove that our marriage was real. My husband and I never lived together bc as soon as he came to the country he moved to another state and abandoned me, he stopped calling me, messaging me, I invested in a car for us but he never shared it with me, intimacy only happened once after he became a temporary resident and so much more things that just don’t add up. I was really in love wit this individual, or so I thought I was… Idk what to do, I need advice? Pls help! :’(


You have not to worry. You said he was given a 2 years conditional residency card. He is gone so if you and him both don’t show ti the interview he will need to leave the US. He will probably be deported. You can say that them, that he used you and as soon as he fit the card he vanished. If you have proof that at least in your end the marriage was real you won’t have any problems

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This situation has really taken a toll on me as well as my health, he just made me waste my time (almost 7 years) and no matter how hard I try I can’t get that time back. About the deportation now, is it temporary meaning that he is barred from the US for a certain period of time or he can’t enter the US again at all? You’re saying if I don’t show up for the interview? Is it mandatory that I show up or is it optional?

let me see if I understood correctly. When you guys file for his green card the first time, for how long was he granted the green card, 2 years or 10 years?

If it was for 2 years, did you guys file for his renewal? If so, have you requested to go to interview?

If you haven’t gone to the interview and you’re afraid to go by yourself I would highly recommend you to go and show up and let the official know what is the situation, that your husband is no were to be found, tell them he left you after he got the green card.

He will be become undocumented as soon as his green card expired, meaning he is or won’t be a legal resident within the USA. Therefore he won’t be able to trace out of the county and if he does he won’t be able to be admitted again. He can’t file for parole because you and him are no longer together and his green card will be expired.

Si yes, more than likely he will be removed from USA soil and won’t be able to return if they caught him of course.

Go to you interview, but be advised I’m not a lawyer or a immigration attorney.

You can find help online if you can’t afford a lawyer. Legal aid can help you

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2 years and yes, we filed for the renewal. It’s not that he disappeared, it’s that he left me and forgot about me… I live in NYC and he lives in Massachusetts, he’s been here in the US for almost 4 years now and within that time we have only seen each other less than 10 times. I do have a lawyer but he’s only a divorce lawyer, he doesn’t deal with immigration.

I would find him and cut off his balls.

What an unnecessary comment, I don’t need to “find him”… I know exactly where he is, I have always known… He was never hiding. We were together for the past couple of days and we came to a final conclusion, we’re both adults.

Hi, how are you?

We’re you able to fix your issue?
Hopefully you did. Good luck!!!

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Hi, just call to USCIS and report him, they will check, cancel his GC and deport him


He has another woman and that’s the truth. He used you but he is so stupid he doesn’t realize that he can get himself deported. Report him ASAP. Which country is he from?

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Let him go his a looser and I hope u report him to the immigration

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Hey, so sorry for the delay in my response but I was having storage issues on my phone and I had to delete the app… But I’m back. We tried to work things out for a bit right after but eventually he went back to his old ways, thx for asking and being so concerned about me and my situation… I truly appreciate you.

Hey, so sorry for the delay in my response but I was having storage issues on my phone and I had to delete the app… But I’m back and thank you. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Hey, so sorry for the delay in my response but I was having storage issues on my phone and I had to delete the app… But I’m back. I feel stupid too, I’m such a loser.

Hey, so sorry for the delay in my response but I was having storage issues on my phone and I had to delete the app… But I’m back. It’s for the best, I’m going to do just that.

PS. Same country as me, Dom. Rep.

Your not stupid. He took advantage of you with ulterior motives. Report him & move on with your life. You don’t need That negativity! I wish you all the best and May you find peace in your life

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You’re so sweet, feels like I know all of you. This is my place to vent, would rather do it here then tell anyone else. Tysm for your well wishes, I appreciate and value every single one of you that have given me a second of your time. Is it possible for me to withdraw this case the same day of our interview btw in front of the immigration officer and in his presence?

Si vas a la entrevista y haces una escena no es conveniente porque demostrarías que fue un matrimonio real, en caso de que lo quieras ver sufrir mucho más solo échalo el mismo día o el día anterior que el no tenga oportunidad de reagendar o buscar evidencias de que cuando se caso lo hizo de buena fe, aprovecha estos días y luego el puñal en la espalda (hablado en manera figurativa) como
Mujer engañada me hace mucho bien pensar en darle en la cabeza, pero si tú eres una mujer muy dulce y no se te pasa la venganza por la cabeza estos deliciosos pensamientos, pues sencillamente dile que no vas a apoyarlo y no vas a asistir a la entrevista

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Creo que la fregué, mande 2 cartas anteriormente a la USCIS en donde lo reportaba y la otra meses después donde decía que el y yo estábamos tratando de arreglar las cosas y ahora si mando esta tercera no se lo que va a pasar… No sabes lo mal que me siento.