I got EB3 (ROW). Anyone else?

Priority date: Nov 6, 2018
140 Approved: March 2019
I-1485/ I-765/ I-131- August 2019
Biometric: September 2019
No updates since then. The wait is depressing :slightly_frowning_face:


Honestly, September was pretty much yesterday. Took me 6 months to get my EAD, and a lil more for the interview. Unfortunately you just gotta have patience!

My I765 and I131 was approved last week. Now the wait is for I485 interview. When did you file?

Beginning of May. Good luck!


Hello everyone, can E2 ( investors visa) main applicant can work (Having a work permit)while the green card is pending ?

Hello ,is there any one who scheduled for the interview?

Hello everyone,
This is my application timeline for EB3 ROW employment based.

Priority date - Jan 2019
I-140 and I 485 and EAD applied concurrently in June 2019
I 140 applied in premium category
I 140 approved in July 2019
Biometric in August 2019
First EAD received in Sept 2019
Interview scheduled in Jan 2020
Interview date - third week of Feb 2020

Second EAD renewal applied in May 2020
New EAD card received in third week of August 2020

No update on I 485 since Feb 2020
The status for I 485 still says interview scheduled

The EB3 has become current for my application in July 2020

I am just waiting for decision on my application

Is there anything I can do?

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Hello there, thanks for sharing.
I am on same boat . I applied for EB3 in July 2019 .
The case is ready for interview on 7 Jan 2020 .
Interview canceled on 26 March.
No update since then

What is your service center?

My service center is Texas. I had received a notice last year that it was transferred to National Benefits center.
The receipt number starts with SRC

I am not sure where my application is.

Do you live in Houston or which city of taxes ?
Your interview will be at your local field service office around where you live .

I had my interview on Feb 20, 2020 and it was at west palm beach.

In February there was a big retrogression and now from last month my application is in current pool.

I am waiting for the decision now.

It is in Florida . Your case in taxes

Good news! My I 485 application got approved on Sept 2, 2020.

Now just waiting for green card in mail.
Thank you everyone for sharing your timeline it really helped me to be patient.

Many Congratulations

Finally received my EB3 employment based green card in mail on Saturday. 9/12/2020

Thank you :pray: community for your support

When did you apply for EB3 AOS ?
When did they approve your case ?
How long will it take to come GC?
Can you please give the detail?

Congratulations , stay blessed

Hi @rj88Iuu1

I have shared timeline of my application process in my previous posts.

After interview which was in February 20, 2020 my I 485 application was approved in September 2020

The EB3 category was retrogressed to 2017 in February and that’s why it took so long for them to approve.

I485 application was approved on sept 2, 2020 and I received my green card on sept 12,2020

Got it thanks for sharing your information