I got my EB2 (ROW) Green Card - Ask me anything!

Applied Aug 2018, GC in hand June 2019. I can help answer any questions.


I’ve few questions

  1. How long you had to wait for interview appointment after your fingerprint review was completed?
  2. Which service center you applied to?
  3. Can you please share your interwoven experience?
  4. How long you had to wait to get the green card in mail after the interview?
    If you can provide timeline for various steps in your case that would be helpful

My case was EB2 - Rest of the World.

  1. About 7 months
  2. Nebraska (transferred to NBC for faster processing)
  3. Straightforward interview. Timeline since entering US, some educational history, current employment questions, marriage questions, go over I-485.
  4. About 9 days
  5. Is there a specific timeline you want to know? What stage are you at?
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That’s very helpful, thanks much. I’ve I-140 approved, and got my combo card. Status shows “Fingerprint Review Was Completed” on June 26, 2019. I’m hoping I’ll get my interview sooner than 7 months. I’m also EB2 (like the rest of the world). My application is at Texas Service Center

What was the time difference between your I-140 approval and interview?

It was about 10 months. Just hang in there. You will get it soon.

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I got no other option other than hanging in there lol. I hope I won’t have to hang in there for a long time

Yeah I know. Been there where you are. Just focus on your work and let this go on in the background. That’s all you can do.

Hey! Thanks for being so open to questions.
Did you get a notice that your case was ready to be scheduled for an interview? If you did, how long was it between that notice and your actual letter with your interview slot?

There was no notice in mail. The online case status just said “Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview”.

After exactly 1 week, I got the notice in mail with the interview date.


7 months already waiting for my interview :disappointed_relieved: my case is in that office i don’t know what happens :woman_facepalming:t2:

No kidding! What’s your current status - are you “ready to be scheduled for interview”

Its says ready for schedule an interview but I’m still waiting since from January

Perhaps you should call your attorney and USCIS and check the status.

They always say I need to wait

Then unfortunately you can do nothing but wait. The process is very unpredictable.

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Yes nothing to do :disappointed_relieved: hopefully soon

Oh wow. My i140 approved last year November. When can I expect my gc. I m eb2

Manish … My I-140 was approved in Sep 2018 and I got my card in June 2019. I had filed everything concurrently.

Did you get your interview date yet?

Thats amazing. You are EB2 and you get green card within one year of i140. Never heard its so fast. No I did not get any interview date. Is there any way to track it.