I130 California service centre

Anyone from California service center mah waiting for interview almost 2.5 years

I am from the same service centre … i am waiting from 1 yr and my case got transferred to some other service centre … i am not sure where it got transferred… where are you from ? And is your spouse greencard holder or citizen ?

I am from india my wife born in usa .Am tired waiting for interview Everyone case is different hope u will get soon as possible

Where in India ? And does your wife stay with you or in the usa ?

You should submit a case inquiry since your case is outside normal processing time.
And call them as much as you can

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Am doing after every 3 month of period .They keep saying in mail we still reviewing ur case idk what i have too doo

Am from punjab my wife living with me in usa

I have been waiting 2.1 years I send my I-751 form in 2017, I really tired why it’s so hard to finish I will put a lawyer

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Oh . My wife is a greencard holder and she is studying here in India . Once we are done with her atudies we will be settling there in the USA :us:

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