I751 case transferred to a new USCIS office

Anyone else has this experience?
I751 transferred after filed 6 months, notice said to speed up processing.
797 notice says transferred to NBC
Automated office says to TSC :woman_shrugging:t5:

Same here, transferred to NBC since August, haven’t heard anything

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My timeline:
Filed I751 joint petition April 4, 2019
Arrived Texas April 5, 2019
18 month extension received April 10, 2019
No biometrics required letter October 2, 2019
Case transferred to another uscis October 9, 2019
Case transfer to new office with jurisdiction October 10, 2019

Hi finally I’m seeing someone with the same situation as myself. Do you mind posting your timeline and progress so we can track this. Anything you think might be relevant. Your 2 months ahead of me so I could also gauge from you. Hopefully others will come fwd.

I send my I751 On December 15,2017, they get it on December 18, biometric letter one month after, 12 months extention , six months later they send me another 6 month extention so I get 18 months, after this they move my case on February 24th to other office, and last September 24th my extention expires, I call and they say everything is okay just to much cases, now I have a stamp in my passport my wife is going crazy because of this so you can imagine how I am too

Wow. That’s crazy long

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Mine is the same, applied on 9/21/18, got biometric on 7/18/19, case got transferred on 10/21/19. No update after this, hope everything can be processes quick, it drivers me crazy

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Anything as yet? Where was it transfered?

Still waiting, my case has been transfer to National benefit center