Interview 485 family based approved

Hi everyone just got my interview today and this is the timeline of my case.

Feeling blessed right now. My case was super fast, not even 7 months from the day I sent the package .

Case received - july/26/2019

Firgerprint done - august/20/2019

Ready to be scheduled for an interview- dec/05/2019

765 being produced - jan/02/2020

I765 and 131 approved - jan/03/2020

Interview was scheduled - jan/03/2020

Card mailed - jan/06/2020

Card delivered - jan/08/2020

Ssn delivered -jan/09/2020

Interview appointment -fev/07/2020

Approved on the spot.

Card been produced - fev/07/2020

Service center: National benefit

Local office: San jose CA


I forgot to mention that i received an RFE to submit my birth certificate.

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Nice. Good for you! Hope mine goes the same

Congrats! Did you apply for what visa type?:clap::clap::clap:

I received my Combo card yesterday after 5 months

PD - 9/3/2019
Bio- 9/30/2019
Finger prints rcvd- 2/4/2020
Work auth approved- 2/4/2020
Travel docs approved - 2/5/2020
Card produced - 2/7/2020
Card delivered 2/10/2020

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What office? National benefit center?

Tercio, application for a green card based on marriage

Hopefully it will! :pray:t3:

Yes NBC. Still waiting for my I 130 and I 485 to be approved

@eG4cFWk2 was it based on CR1/IR1 petition?

No. I am already here

I’m here and submitted March 29 2019 still waiting. So lucky!

Got ead and travel doc approved Feb 4th.

Just had the interview. We got notice of interview result that mentions your case is being held for further review… the officer said that the marriage looks like bonafide and doesn’t see any issue there. We still don’t have an approved I-130. Any ideas how long before we may hear back from them?

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What state did you do your interview?

California. The notice says contact USCIS sheet 120 days have passed and there is no update. 4 months is a long time.

Card production is ordered was the new message in about 6 hours after the interview. I believe at this point we are done with the whole process of my wife getting the residency

Does anyone know on hote long before the card is in hand? I got card was mailed to me status on 21st. Wondering how long before it’s in our hands?

Congratulations! We applied on July 23, also California. We have an interview this week.
Was I-130 approved before the interview?
Was this for green card holder spouse?

No I-130 was approved after the interview. And yes the spouse is GC holder and not citizen.

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