Interview was 4 months ago and still no answer

Miami area , is anyone else have very long processing times ?

Petition allready approved and got the letter to my house a week after the interview but on the online is still say case was received 690 days ago


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My husband did his interview in November 2019 And still nothing .when I check the case status it says interview was scheduled on October 10th 2019.

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Hi ! Yea mine too !! my interview was June 4, 2019 and until now I haven’t receive anything… but September 3rd I received an approval Form I-130/797 …

My spouse she got her i-485 green card interview before her i-130 was still in pending … and interview day we went there interview got cancel saying that your i-130 still in pending now that happen 170 days already and her i-130 is approved already 69days ago now when we call to notify uscis every-time we call got different answer from different person …
anyone have any idea what should we do???

Today I got an update from uscis that green card is being produced after 3 months of waiting .Just waiting to get it in the mail.

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Congrats…!! I know the process really stressful

Congratulations, did you send any inquiry before the update?

No I didn’t .I tried but it wasn’t more than 120days so I couldn’t submit it .His approval notice was sent out yesterday.Im just waiting to see when he gets his green card this process was so stressful.

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Ok thanks for your response