Interview was scheduled but no update on EAD yet!

Hi guys,

What your opinion on that family-base F2B processing time?

PD was on 12/30/2014
AOS filled on 11/2019
Case received on 11/21/2019
Biometric done on 12/19/2019
Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken on 12/19/2019
Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview on 2/10/2020
Interview was scheduled on 2/12/2020
We will mail an interview notice

Let share similar Experience!

Thank you

We have almost the same dates! They received my case on November 15, 2019 and my interview was scheduled last week. My interview is gonna be on March 10th. So glad everything is moving fast!

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Do you already received your EAD?

Nope, it was just approved today so probably it’s gonna be here right before the interview

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That’s great!
It’s a good news for you, and I heard an immigration Attorney said even though the interview was scheduled first, the EAD card will arrive before the interview date

Can you all guys provide our processing time so far? As described above!

Have you already received your EAD card?

My card was mailed to me yesterday.

My case:

Case received on 11/15/2019
Biometric done on 12/31/2019
Interview was scheduled on 02/04/2020
Interview date: 03/10/2020

I didn’t keep track of all dates but the main ones are there. So happy it’s going fast!

I have almost the same timeline, but I ain’t receive my EAD card yet.

When it’s your interview? Probably it’s close so don’t worry about it because with the green card you don’t need the EAD anymore

It’s gonna be on March 19th.

No update on EAD yet?

I received mine this week! And my interview is next week.

What’s your immigration case category and service center?

How long did you wait my friend ?
We had interview within 4month after i apply but got cancel because of i130 wasn’t approved that period of time so now no idea what will happen

Family based (marriage). LA center

I waited a little bit more than 3 months. My case was received November 15

Been scheduled in 4 months as well

When did you apply the first time?