Interview was scheduled but no update on EAD yet!

My i-485 is in the national benefit center and I saw that my 130 is in potomac, at the time they transferred it and they did not inform me because before they were all in the same place in the national benefit center. I use a translator

Yes, my husband made my request

Guys. Any update? Any interview scheduled?

I had update yesterday for EAD that they approved my EAD and ordered it already and they will send it to my address. Anyone knows that how long will it take them to send EAD card to me?

They should give the tracking number so you can track . I received mine in 5 business days

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Guys any update about social security card ?

Hello, there is nothing, they continue in their eagerness that to make an appointment you must have a letter of promise of employment

Does anyone have their AOS appointment rescheduled for interview? Any updates…

Not yet still waiting

Ok thanks to reply, hopefully soon!!

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My just updated for interview coming soon. Jacksonville office

Did your interview was canceled due the pandemic before?

No I m in the same process I been waiting sense April nothing yet

Mean only the way offer letter ?

What type of case u have ?

Not yet, still the same, case is ready to be scheduled.

It’s been 131 days since my case status showed case is ready to be scheduled, hopefully they will reschedule my Aos appointment this month…

How you get the social security after EAD ?

Did you get your rescheduled interview already???

Usually the AOS goes first and then the interview…