Interview was scheduled

Hello everyone hope y’all doing well… My online case status changed to interview was scheduled one day ago , do you know how long it takes to get an interview or when I should Received a letter from them

Lucky u , I m still waiting for mine

I get the same thing, did u get any clue and what they tell u after that !:handshake:

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I have beening waiting for 2 months

And when did they schedule it?

U lucky is 2 month , I been waiting for 2 years

Hello everyone so today we had the interview … it was very easy and very smooth and the officer told us we will make the decision 1 to 3 week … but the surprise after in one hour The status change to Green card was ordered … :pray:t3::pray:t3:

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Congrats, where was your interview though ?

Same here ,hopefully we are next !

Congrats🎉 I tap into your blessings!

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@waB4nz32 when did you have your fingerprints taken?
And congratulations :tada: for the approval!

Thank you it was in Dallas Texas

Thank you the whole process took me one year and I had my fingerprint on March 2020

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2 months after RFE i got the notice of interview scheduling. But 8 months from it I got nothing. It looks like they give you a delicious chicken when you are super hungry but dont allow you to take a bite.

Hey! I’m just wondering how long do you have to wait after you received a mail on your biometric appointment ?

Same Here, That’s crazy !

20 day you receive latter this week