Interview was scheduled

Hello everyone hope y’all doing well… My online case status changed to interview was scheduled one day ago , do you know how long it takes to get an interview or when I should Received a letter from them

Lucky u , I m still waiting for mine

I get the same thing, did u get any clue and what they tell u after that !:handshake:

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I have beening waiting for 2 months

And when did they schedule it?

U lucky is 2 month , I been waiting for 2 years

I really have to tell you guys
In 2019
I got marry
Than we started here immigration
September we got the interview
Didn’t go so well
I now my husband sense 2010
But back on time we just have fun not making plans etc
We just marred on 2019
I was not understand the question really good
30 days later we receive a later for a new interview
I was excited about because I felt like I’d one could be better
One week later we receive the interview was canceled the date was last interview
We assume the interview canceled was this new interview and the check online case also shows the interview was canceled
We end up not going
Too we later we receive a denial later
On February 2020 we got a lawyer
She send the new case again
2021 January 25 we had are interview
She asked all the questions
Than call my husband
And talk with him too
She said to my husband the case was approved
By Friday
After to day I no later or anything
I saw the case online show the case is being reviewed …

Now 30 days later
Is showing the case is ready for the interview

I cry after the interview
The question was delicate

I like in Alaska.
Job is hard here
The Covid-19
Don’t make easy
The immigration Who is not a easy thing
For same reason they are doing this again
I don’t understand
I hope this time they ask anything they want