Interview( what questions did they ask you?)

What questions do they ask on interview?

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That’s hard to know, every case is different and they ask the question based on the proof they were provided and the application.

Ok that’s good information

That’s true my first interview they just ask about my husband his birthday and if we had kids something like that

Oh. You said your first interview. Did you have to have a second and why?

My medical paper was wrong and about that they denied my case so I has to re-open the case now I waiting for my second interview 10 months already waiting for that

Oh wow! Hopefully it goes well for you this time. Sorry to hear that

Thanks same too you.:raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

For how long are the medical papers good?
Mines are about to be one year I had them done yet I haven’t gotten my interview notice.

I looked it up, it’s 2 years actually. They modified it last year.

When that happen to me was 2017 so now I had to doing again it wasn’t like now

Did anyone here file all the paperwork at once or but by bit?

All at once, even the medical exam I sent with all the other forms and fees

A few days ago form I-765 was showing they are processing applications from April 15 now it’s saying today March 15?. What is going on!

It goes back because they realize there is not enough visas for the amount of applications they received and so they have to go back until new visas are available.

They update the website every month, the 15th if each month, not every day. Yes, you see the days changes every day but that doesn’t mean anything. They may be working on that day but it doesn’t mean they have approved your case or any other

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How did you meet?
When was that?
What were you wearing?
What does he do?
What are his concerns?

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Is work authorization coming together with travel documents?

@b1mCbG02 Yes, it’s called a combo card

How long does it take to come after biometrics?

My online status hasn’t been updated for a long long time now…

I filed my I-130 and I-765 and the I-485. My PD: 07/15/19.