July 2019 filer AOS

Does anyone has interview rescheduled since the reopening of uscis.?

Not yet . Still waiting, when did you file for I-485?

They received my case in august 2019, I had interview in April but due to the COVID-19 they canceled my interview in April 1st. Let me know if u have any updates.

I applied in July 2019 , got message for interview in Jan 2020 . Interview canceled message received in March . No updates until now

Your ‘s is family based green card.
Mine is employment based green card

Mine is family based green card. I guess we have to wait, I heard a rumor said uscis will start rescheduled interview in July 15.

Any updates for rescheduled appointment AOS?

Did u get interview yet?

No I haven’t done it

Got interview date 0ct 10 2019 and interview got cancel after that no update