Just filed my N400

I just submit my N-400 hoping to get it by my birthday in October. Processing times are 8.5-18months


Hi, i am pretty much in the same spot as you are. I was scheduled for my biometrics on 03/20 but the office closed on 03/18, so I am still waiting for USCIS to reschedule my appointment and move on on the last few steps of the naturalization process. Any news on your case? I am checking my mailbox and my case status constantly and it feels so hard holding on sometimes. I am sending you good vibes on your case as well, hoping you do get everything done by your birthday as you wish. Hopefully it works the same way for both of us! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Did u got your biometric appointment ?

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Not yet. It is getting longer and longer. Any word about getting the biometrics waiver at this point and jumping straight to the interview? Yes, let’s keep each other in the loop to feel better in this.

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Hi, Hope you doing well. I got a letter from USCIS saying Biometric is reused. So now I’m in line for interview. Praying to get it soon. Any update on your side?

Hi, happy new year! I was scheduled for biometrics on 09/25 and then notified about my interview appointment on 11/10 about a week after that. I went to the appointment with my passport and green card, along with all my supporting documents. The interview was very smooth and easy. They made me take the oat right after completing all my questions. A Certificate of Naturalization was issued on the same day. I was in and out in less than an hour. No visitors were allowed inside the facility, masks were required obviously. They encouraged me to make an appointment to get my passport as soon as possible. I got my appointment on 12/03 and provided originals and copies of the required documents. I got my passport book back around Christmas and the passport card a few days later.
I wish you all the best on your process, try to stay positive as much as you can, it’s easier than what it feels like when you are going through it. It also sounds like you are just waiting on the last step of it. It will be nicely fast at this point. Good luck and keep me posted if you like.

Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. Really appreciate that. I’m so happy for you finally you are on the other side can’t wait to there too. I hope I will be done soon. Will keep you posted. I’m preparing civic questions these days in case I get my interview soon I will be ready for that. Chicago is going so slow I heard on fb too Chicago is not moving but this new year is giving good wives finally. stay safe and positive.

I got my interview scheduled today. Interview is in feb. yayy!

Wowwwww this is so awesome, I am very happy for you! This is the one last step, then you will be done. Way to start 2021 with good news. Let me know how it goes. Take care!

Yes finally, it’s happening! I’m so excited. It’s a good start for a new year. Will update you after my interview like how it goes and if they hopefully give me oath same day I don’t have to go another day. Let’s see …! But in the letter they said appointment duration is of 2 hours it’s seems like Oath gona happen the same day,that’s what we guessing lolz! Will update u. Stay safe n take care!

I passed my Interview on 19th feb and now I’m waiting for my oath ceremony. Hoping to hear from them soon.

This is so awesome!!! One last step to go. I am so happy for you, this is such a rewarding feeling almost at the end of this long journey. I got my passport and still waiting for my daughter’s one. Let’s stay positive. Be strong as much as you have been!

Congrats! You will get your daughter’s one soon. I’m still waiting Oath ceremony notice. Let’s see it might come next week. Trying to stay positive and hopeful. Peace!

Hey! Have you got your oath ceremony done yet? I got all the passports at this point so I can say my whole process is completed and I only need to wait to be able to travel again :wink:

Yayyyyyyy, I’m done with my Oath Ceremony on 12th April and applied for passport on 13th with regular service in Chicago. So glad to me done…finally it’s over! So happy for you.

Hey, Did you get the test ?