Just filed my N400

I just submit my N-400 hoping to get it by my birthday in October. Processing times are 8.5-18months


Hi, i am pretty much in the same spot as you are. I was scheduled for my biometrics on 03/20 but the office closed on 03/18, so I am still waiting for USCIS to reschedule my appointment and move on on the last few steps of the naturalization process. Any news on your case? I am checking my mailbox and my case status constantly and it feels so hard holding on sometimes. I am sending you good vibes on your case as well, hoping you do get everything done by your birthday as you wish. Hopefully it works the same way for both of us! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Did u got your biometric appointment ?

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Not yet. It is getting longer and longer. Any word about getting the biometrics waiver at this point and jumping straight to the interview? Yes, let’s keep each other in the loop to feel better in this.

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