L-2 EAD tracking

It has been received for 72 days and no updates. Anyone has L2 EAD case recently?

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I applied in Aug 20 and got approval last week (jan 15 2021)

Congrats. This is the first positive news I have heard from months together. Did u have ur L2 visa already or was it L2 with ead? Our case was submitted on aug 6th 2020. L1, L2 extension ead all together. Not yet heard from them. So wondering… Did u follow up by any chance that helped to get ur ead?

We filled our L1, L2 and EAD together under premium processing on Aug 7th 2020. L1 got approved after 10 days. And EAD & L2 got approved on Jan 15th. USCIS running behind so I haven’t did any follow up or anything, just waited.
Good luck !