MSC cases processing time

I have my i130 and i485 under MSC cases and I’ve been trying to check the processing time for them, but haven’t got any luck. Does anyone in the same situation as me and know how long is the wait?
Thank you in advance!


My case is with MSC as well. What’s your case status?

They received my case on 7/29/19 and I just finished my biometrics appointment on 8/21/2019 and on 8/22/2019 the i485 case status changed to “ fingerprint review is completed”.

Also wondering how long it will take. My i765 case status is still “ case was received”, nothing changed yet.


I sent mine in February, my status is still at Schedule for an Interview, and then it stay like that more than 1 month already. My i765 is approved, I got my card about 1 week ago.

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So after the finger print, when did you receive your EAD?

Around 2 months u will get EAD card

I have MSC as well. I just did my biometrics on 11/22 & all it says for now is “fingerprint review completed” I think NBC which is handling our cases is SLOW


Ours still says “All Fingerprints Were Taken And Case Is In Process”
PD:10/3/19 @NBC
Bio Completed:11/5/19
Still haven’t heard anything from them. I don’t understand why our case hasn’t been updated along with everyone else’s.

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Mine is MSC too. We filed our case sept. 2018, they received it on sept. 28,2018. I did my biometrics on oct. 30,2018. By march 12,2019 I received an online status that my case is ready to schedule interview. And by September 20,2019 the online status changed to my interview was scheduled until now I haven’t received any mail from them. Anyone else has a similar experience or anyone has experience of taking this case too long.

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I hope you got news since else call them & request a TIER2 officer

Be patient. They will review and approve your I-130 first then notify you with any other steps they require. The 1st step of approving the I-130 is 60-90days or sooner.
The I485 takes longer depending on your Local Office and how fast they are scheduling interviews.
I have been waiting for 4+months. Expect to get your EAD etc (if required) about 4 months after submitting the forms. (If no errors). Good luck.

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My case was super fast, not even 7 months from the day I sent the package .

Case received - july/26/2019

Firgerprint done - august/20/2019

RFE - october/2019

Ready to be scheduled for an interview- dec/05/2019

765 being produced - jan/02/2020

I765 and 131 approved - jan/03/2020

Interview was scheduled - jan/03/2020

Card mailed - jan/06/2020

Card delivered - jan/08/2020

Ssn delivered -jan/09/2020

Interview appointment -fev/07/2020

Approved on the spot.

Card been produced - fev/07/2020

Service center: National benefit

Local office: San jose CA


congratulations i file mine july 24 3019 but mu case still ready to be scheduled for interview msc too

What is your local office? (Where do you live?) this part of the process depends on that…

If it’s scheduled and you got nothing. You should call ASAP and check

That’s really fast for realz

I sent in concurrent March 29
April 3 charged fee
April 1x fingerprinted
April 24 ready to schedule for an interview
June 5 EAD Being produces (expedited via congress rep)
June 11 EAD delivered
But no update so far for the I-485 besides from April last year already ready to schedule interview

What state are you in?

Big update:
I received a notice for an inter on Dec 12th, 19 for an interview on Jan 13th, 2020.
However, because my medical exam was expired so they want us to have them an updated one; which the officer gave us options to send it via mail or in-person (I chose to drop it off in person) by Jan 31st, 2020.
And on Feb 12, 2020: I got an email said that they produced a new card but didn’t say we got approved; however, on Feb 13, they sent us emails about the case that both of our i130 and i485 were approved and they would send us a notice by March 4th (we received them yesterday).
On the notice, they said that the card would be sent by March 4th, 2020.
I will update more when I receive the card :smiley:

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After waiting 5months and 4 days they finally sent my EAD Card