Need help in understanding the status ‘Document was mailed’for I-129 form

What is the meaning of ‘Document was mailed’ for I-129 form. USCIS recently updated my petition to this status.
Is it a approval?
Appreciate if anyone has experienced the same and can share the details.

Fresh H1B in nonAD category. CA centre. CoS

Thank you!

I believe it means that the approval notice has been shipped out to the address they have for you on file - I am certain it means that your petition has been approved. Congrats!

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I am still waiting to hear from Attorney’s. Hoping for the best.
Did you get the same status with an approval?

Thank for the reply!

When did you apply for the I-129F?

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April 2019 is our range
Why do you ask?

I applied in June and I’m just curious about how long it takes to hear back from immigration after the first letter of receipt has been issued?