New York GreenCard

I live in nyc and been waiting for an interview for about 15mths, is anyone have to wait for so long for interviews in Manhattan area?

Also filing from NYC, but I’ve only been in it for 3 months. Hang in there, friend.

Wow! Got interview scheduled in nyc after 3.5 months.

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What category are you in and what was your service center? When did you first apply?

Who me? B2. NBC. July 17.2019. Interview scheduled Nov 1. 2019

Soooo luckkkyyyyy ughhhh i hope mine goes as smoothly as yours did ><

I apply green card thru marriage, but right after I posted this topic for1day, I got msg theY scheduled my interview. So I am waiting the date on my mail I guess. I live in Manhattan so I heard processing time is longer? Thk u guys and wish me luck.

I bet you can call it luck. I had applied before (in January ) and it got denied in July because I forgot to include my affidavit and before they requested it, they just denied and instead of appeal I just reapplied so I guess you can call it luck again. But good one this time around.

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How’s come they just dinied? Wowwww but anyway good luck;)

I am in Westchester county. I wonder if the same?

I have couple friends in Manhattan waited for2yrs for interviews, and the one live in queens waited for 3-5mths. So hope Westchester is faster.

Oh wow. I hope so as well

I’ve been waiting for 2 years

Oh wow! That’s a long time!

How did u apply? Did you at least get your EAD? Can you travel?

After I posted this the next day I got my interview scheduled for January 17th, and the next day I got my status the card is being produced and after the status said the case is approved. So now I am waiting for my GC to be delivered.

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Congratulations love

NYC Processing time very long
18 months to 36 I hope you will get it soon