Notice if intent to deny NOID marriage based

Has any of you receive a Noid marriage based? After you responded how long did The USCIS take to give you an answer?

Did you receive it?
Today my husband recieve a letter saying that my case was deny.

Why did they deny your case? And what did you do to fix it, I mean what evidence did you add or what?

Hi They did not deny my case they sent me a notice saying that they are considering denying the case unless I provide more evidences. I hired a lawyer, we have put more evidences together as well as a detailled letter explaining what happened during our interview. We submitted back in september and are now waiting

I can give you my email and you send me the letter you made. please. We have to do the same and I really have no idea how to start, and our lawyer does not plan to help us much. please send me