NVC case number?

Our case was received at the NVC on August 8th and still no case number!? Anyone else with similar time line get their case number ?!

Google “NVC processing times”. It should give you an idea of where they are

Our case Was received at the NVC center 30 July still waiting nothing receive anything Case Number.

Yes i am here with the same problem
My file was approved on 6th August and till no news

Case received June 30th. Docs sent August 2. I’m in limbo.

Docs accepted for 2/3 cases. Oct 23 via email. No further update or letter.

It depends applicant interview location…

Finally got fed up and called NVC on 1/2/2020. Apparently my applications were forgotten for all these months. The person reached out to 2 supervisors and I woke up to 3 emails and was also called 1/3/2020, application dq and apology for their err and an all efforts are in place to set a date at the consular or embassy in my home country.
Sheeesh. 3 months n forgotten. :woman_facepalming:


How do you know when NVC has received your case? The last update that I got is a mail from uscis saying that our case was approved and that they are going to send it to NVC

I have the same question but I think you have to check on the bulletin visas , it will get you informed… but how long is the processing time ? Around 3 months ?

NVC will send u a letter

You will receive a letter from NVC

Thank you. Have you passed that stage as yet? If so, how long after USCIS approved your case did u hear from NVC?

2 weeks but the sight says 6 weeks I think

Thanks a lot. My case was approved January 10 and I haven’t heard from NVC since. I will wait out the 6 weeks then contact then if I don’t hear from them.

Yes. I just heard from them yesterday for a case approved Dec 13

Wow, that’s almost two months after approval

How’s your case going now? Have u gotten an interview date as yet?