OPT I have applied since October 2020

I have applied since October 2020 and I just received my receipt number on January 20,2021. I have not received anything so far. Is that normal, I am worried that it is taking longer then it should?

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From the day of the receipt, uscis takes 120 days to getting the ead in hand. If your application has been pending for more than 75 days you can submit a status request and call them.
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How can I call them, every time I call I can’t reach an agent. I always speak to the AI. Do you know a number that I can call and actually reach an agent that go help me? Thank you.

What you can do is going to the option at the bottom of this app and go to prepare>e-request>case outside normal processing time.
Or if you call, when they ask why you are calling you can say that you lost your receipt number or something like that. You’ll be transferred to an operator.