Processing time for RFE after interview

Hey guys, so I had my interview in beginning Oct 2019 and was sent an RFE for birth certificate a week later. It has been almost 120days after they received my RFE and still, no reply. I also noticed it says my case is with CSC (initially MSC) but I never received a case transferred notice in the mail? My PD is 5/9/19

I have something similar. My case was originally with MSC but when I call they tel me to contact Vermont center. Never received anything from them regarding case transferral. I did at least get my ead and travel docs still waiting for I interview to be scheduled

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That’s good. Hope your interview will be scheduled soon!

I have 115 day that USCIS received my RFE and I don’t have actualization yet, that’s normal? Or I have to worry?