Processing time

Does anyone have a timeframe which I could expect work authorization? I sent in my application Sept 3rd 2019

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Do you finish the biometrics already?

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Yes I had mine on Sept 30th. The app does not show any update that I did it. Still says “received application sept 3rd”

for recieve the EAD it’s gonna take like 3 months .

Oh ok. So I’m looking at Dec to get it?

Yes probably good luck

I sent mine in in May, still waiting. Depends on your service center.

My center is the national
Benefits center. Think I should call them?

Hi please help answer my question. I just got done with my finger October 21 . When should I be expecting EAD or interview?

Maybe in about 4 months I heard

It takes almost a year

It should take 5.5-7.5 months that’s the processing time at this time.

Hi, my case started in June 2019, after 3 months I received my work permit and travel documents, and take 2 more months for the green card to be approved, at all 5 months.
On the interview my husband and I together,
Was asked all the questions on the forms, and how we meet, we stay about 1 hrs.
San Bernardino California.
My friend is on Georgia and she got her green card in 3 months, and on the interview
They ask only, her husband mother name and to her husband her mother name, interview 5 minutes, we never know what will happened, good luck to everyone :clap:

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Where was your papers processed? Mine is in National Benefits center

That’s amazing still waiting for my I130

Wow that’s is amazing congratulations

Hi! The processing time for your application is pretty quick. Congratulations! Just wondering what service center are you on and if your husband is on active military? Cause for my friend she got her green card a week after they had interviewed and the timeframe for her application only took for less than 5 months. Mine, I submitted it on July 19, and no progress still. It says case has been received.

What service center handles I-130? I’m in nyc. My receipt begins with nbc but when I try to check processing times on USCIS web I do not see NBC as one of the selections