Regarding i485 sent uscis

On june 2017 i sent i130 and now in june 2020 i sent 485 to uscis Still waiting fir reply from them nor receipt neither took money from my accout… :fist:t2:

They say to wait up to 30 days for receipt of a form. If you haven’t heard after 30 days, you should phone the contact center to enquire.

There are rare cases where forms do get lost. But I’m sure you’ll hear very soon.

USCIS is very stretched at the moment with funding, might have an impact on case progression.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Thanks for showing me a hope At this time uscis already took money from my bank account.its been a week still waiting for receipt…

I have been waiting 10 weeks for Receipt i-485. I sent on May 4 .if they took the money, you will receive it within 2 weeks