Response for RFE (Request for evidence)

How long do i have to wait for the response after submitting RFE (Request for evidence) on 2019-10-15
PD : 2017-10-10
Center : California service center
Spouse : Us citizen

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I received my notification saying that they received my RFE and that they will continue processing about a week after sending in my evidence

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I have received a notification saying the are requesting more evidence. Still don’t know what they are asking for as I have not received the letter. How long does it take for them to make a decision after submitting the evidence they request?


I have no idea how long that takes as I am waiting for the same thing at the moment

How long ago did they received your RFE

They received rfe on 2019-10-15, 3 days ago.

I went to interview on June 2019 and got RFE for medicals as doctor forgot to sign. Sent response back 1 day after notice. My case has been In the state Correspondence Was Received and we are reviewing it since then.

You should call them, it is not supposed to take more than 60 days after RFE recieved.

What do they send you after those 60 days?

After 60 days of USCIS receiving the RFE, they sent a letter requesting for more additional evidence, has anyone been in the same situation? , if so, how longer will it take to get a response?

I was only asked once for additional evidence and they accepted what I sent. Please call and get clarification on what exactly they need because it depends on what you are missing?

After how long you got a response?

They received our response June 13th, 2019, We’ve been waiting for a year. We hired another lawyer to force a decision. She will send a writ of mandamus on June 30th. This was for a 601 waiver that we filed March 12, 2018.

Actually it’s the opposite. We’ve hired Lizz Cannon for this portion of our fight, and we have more than enough evidence that they’ve been postponing an approval.

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Hi Ruthie, have you heard back from them yet ?