RFE just turned in

Hey hows it going guys? Fairly new to this but I have filed an i130 for my wife and the USCIS requested more documents which I submitted. How long does it normally take them to respond? I filed my case in August and the RFE was the first response I heard from the USCIS after receiving my receipt number. Does anyone know the time frame I’m looking at. Thanks in Advance.

Its been 70 days since my RFE was received i have not received a decision as yet

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Have you done a case inquiry?

Yes but when i do it its saying my case is in the time region

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When did you file your case?

My pd is August 21 2019

I hope you get your approval soon. My date is August 28th for my wife.

Thanks i hope you get yours too

My PD is august 26 no approval yet, and they haven’t asked anything

Any update on y’all guys cases?

I’m still waiting for approval its been 82 days they have received the rfe

I have 105 days waiting for a respond after I submitted my RFE, noting so far ;-(
“Adjustment status “