RFE processing time - NIW

My RFE was received Dec 10, 2019. 4 months waiting… Does anyone has similar waiting time?

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What was your PD ?? And which service centre ??

Hi. PD is 03/2018. Texas service center.

I130 application is it ? And where do you stay ?

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They received my rfe on November 19 still waiting(

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I hope USCiS is still working on the cases. Please let me know if you have any update.

I will of course…

I140 RFE received in December 19th. I got the approval in February 27. You gotta realize this depends on the officer who has your case. Some takes more time.

EB2:NIW Texas.


Almost three months waiting !
Did you contact uscis ?

I waited for 44 days for a RFE answer (Texas). They answered today with a denial. I’ve heard that waiting up to 3 months is normal.

They denied ur case ??? Why ??
What kind process u were doing for ?

What kind case u have with uscis ?

EB2-NIW. I’m waiting the letter to arrive to see the reason and what are my options now.

Patricia. Are you Brazilian? What office (attorneys) did you use?

You can always refile if you have more evidence after the priority date or appeal.


Yes, I am. The lawyer firm is American Immigration Associates. We’ve provided more evidence after the RFE letter. I’ll wait for the letter to check the denial’s reason and take the next action.

Thank you

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Look for Hayman-Woodward. They approved thousands of EB2:NIW since the Matter of Dhanasar guidelines in 2016.


Texas denied my RFE too (a year ago). My attorney decided to go ahead with the Motion to Reopen and Motion to Reconsider (which I’m still waiting on the answer). Good luck and reach me out if you need any help.


My case was denied after RFE. Basically they say same thing that was told on RFE. It seems they don’t even consider new evidences.

My option was refile. It need to be done fast Before they can deny your I-485.

It’s a pain in the beginning but you can go through.

If you have a work visa that the expiration date is ahead is fine. You have time. If your work visa is already expired, you need to discuss your options with the lawyer.

What I know is that if your I-485 is denied and your Work visa is expired (you don’t have a valid work visa now) the time that you are in USA under the AOS pending (time between the expiration of your work visa and the I-485 denial) is considered unlawful permanence in the US (not good at all).

What I read is that Litigate to the supreme court works in some cases, but a motion to reopen/reconsider have a low success rate because the same officer or service center will analyze it again. They rarely overturn its own decisions.

Each case is different and you need to discuss with your lawyer your specific case.

Good luck.

Any questions I’m available.

Hi Patricia. I’m so sorry about the denial of your case. May I ask what is your field of expertise? Thanks in advance

In July 2019 I made my application for residence F2a; in November it was my interview, but things did not go very well, and after that they made an * attempt at denial *, we sought help from a “lawyer” and in December they denied us the case, giving us the option to appeal or make a motion. we opted for the motion to reopen or reconsider on January 30 we sent all the papers, to date nothing has come to me. Has anyone ever been through this same situation? How long did it take for your case to be answered?