RFE response was received by USCIS

Guys, I’ve received the notification my RFE response yesterday April, 26. How long does it will take to get a decision from USCIS?

It took them 28 days in my case which is i485 for them to approve.

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118 days and no answer

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Mine is I-485 too… only Medical exam… hopefully it’s not gonna take so long

Mines was only medical too

Hey Rayani, hopefully soon,

I’ve done everything I could, called, did the request, but no answer. Only thing I can do now is wait for them to answer and finally do my fingerprints, but thank you.

I just received a notification yesterday, do you know how long it takes until you receive the letter or an email?? And how long it takes after they receive their evidence?? My green based on asylum

Good morning Jessica,
Dont remember on the point but I think it took 5 days for me after the notification to get the actual letter which stated all I had to submit of the updated medical… it took me roughly 11 days to submit the Rfe and took them 28 days to act on it, but then mines was a marriage based i am really not sure about any other way… but hope and will pray would be soon for you…

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Thank you so much! Please pray for me and my family to get over with the whole thing asap🙏🏻

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2 week you get your green card

Hey Rahu Rahu,

I am assuming that question was for me, because Jessica is still waiting for the card… I filed my case is 2017, so technically I got my GC in 4 yrs and some months…

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2 weeks after submitting the evidence and u got ur green card???

They received my evidence 12 days ago and nothing happened so far :confused:

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