RFE response was received by USCIS

Pretty sure that means you’re through. A colleague of mine saw the same response last year before he received the card in the mail and he didn’t have to go through the interview.
So hoping that’s what this is, Congratulations!

Did you have an interview at your field office?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:
I’m excited and I really hope that message means “approved”. That message made me apprehensive.
My case doesn’t require Interview, my lawyer filled my process and the next step would be the approval or not.

Yes! Congratulations :tada:

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Thank you sooo very much, dear!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

OMG congratulations!! Happy for you.
Can you please provide me with your timeline? How many days after they received your evidence you got this notification??

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Hi Jessica! Thank you so very much for the support!
Also, I would like to thank everyone on this group for all the information and support shared. It helped a lot!
It’s ia pleasure to share my looongg journey:
-August, 2018 : Applied for I-495 and I-765
-November, 5th (2018)Fingerprint were taken
-August, 15th, 2019 - Received my EAD combo- ( Work Permit With parole)

    -March 2021- USCIS sent a RFE ( request for evidence) that was my medic exam
    -April,22nd 2021 : I sent the RFE response to USCIS
    -April, 26 2021: They received the RFE response and updated on the website
    -Today: USCIS update with the message: Your card is being produced”

Now, I’ here extremely excited and checking all the time to see when they will mail it .
I will keep the group posted!

Thanks again !:slight_smile:

I hope this helps! :blush:


Of course it’s approved Nataly, congrats

Thank youuuuuu, Krunal! When I got the USCIS message I thought about your case that took 28 days after RFE response ! Mine took 29 ! :raised_hands:t2:

Really happy for you, congrats again…

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Thanks Nataly, for sharing your timeline. really admire your patience and perseverance!

I’m trotting along similar lines.
PD in May-2019 EB1-C
I-140 received in Sep-2020
485, 765 and 131 applied in Oct-2020
Receipts for all 3 received just before Xmas 2020
Been current in the final action chart since Dec-2020 bulletin.
Biometrics appt. letter received in mid Feb-2021
Submitted bio in mid March-2021

Nothing happened since then.

For folks who’ve submitted the AOS in Oct-2020, it’s a mixed bag.
Some had their BIO earlier and have received their EAD’s.
Some have even received RFE’s for the medical (indicating that the case may be processed similar to yours, with the interview waived).

I wouldn’t have been too concerned if the L visa didn’t have the limitation of the 7-year max extension, unlike H where the I-140 provides unlimited extension.
I run out of time in March 2023 :slight_smile:

So will start packing bags in Dec-2022 if nothing works lol


Please,don’t even think about packing. Everything is going to work well for you . You will see… every happens at the last minute. I’m cheering for you! Please keep us posted.
It was an endless journey… but in the all that anxiety will worth it.
For many months I checked my status more the 10 times a day hahah

Another update about my case:
May, 25th - Your card is being produced
May, 26th - Your case was approved

I will post the date of the card mailed as soon as I receive the info.

Big hugs to you all,


I got notification said new card is produced!!! FINALLYY!! I got this notification after 10 days of receiving my RFE!


Wowwwww… that was soooo fast!!!


I’m sooo HAPPY for you!! :raised_hands:t2:


50 days and waiting… nbc…

Arch I am sure it would be done soon, as 60 days is there normal time frame to reply, good luck n will pray for you… keep us posted though

Thanks, i am really waiting and checking daily.Hope what you say comes true.

I would call the congressman and get the process expedited

Hey arch any updates yet ?

55 days and no answer

I submitted my 62 days ago and still waiting.