Social security

I received EAD card before 4 week ago. But still not receive SSN. I call the social security office they said we need job offer letter then we will make appointment.
But why ? Why they need job offer letter,? Social security need for other many reason like health insurance, driving license etc , and how to get job offer without ssn ?

U need to have a job Offer, that’s what they keep telling me for about 4 months. It’s not only you…

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I got my appointment to apply for social security with a letter of promise of employment. I already went and just waited two weeks to receive it

Did u receive it in 2 weeks?

social security…

The social security card did u received it in two weeks? Did they give u the social security number before u received the card?

no, I did not receive it. I received the work permit on May 20 and the social security card never arrived. I contacted the social security office thousands of times and nothing until one day they told me that I would only get an appointment to apply for social security with a letter of promise of employment specifying that they need my social security number to give me the job. then I managed to get the letter and yesterday I went and now I only have to wait two weeks for it to arrive in the mail

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Just any promise of letter ?? Where and how u get the promise of letter without social security?

look at a promise of employment is a letter that a business or company makes you say that they have a job for you and that they need your social security number to hire you or that they will hire you when you get social security. It can be at an employment agency or even a registered deli grosery. and when you have it you call and you get an appointment

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Oh okay I already call them jersey office. They appointed on October 1st week. So can i go another office like newyork,?

i went to newark…

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Any updates for rescheduled appointment?