Status update notice

Normally, USCIS takes how much time before updating any status regarding H1-B? It has been 120 days and it is still showing that case was received?

Any knowledge will be appreciated…


Same on mine as well. It has been 123 days… still case was received.

My attorney submitted RFE Response last week (Premium) and still my case status is showing Request for Evidence?

Any idea how many days it takes to update or response back

154 Days, Status - Case received!

166 days, still case was received status…

Same here 140 and counting, transfer case , regular processing

Hmm mine in 212 days since I submitted RFE and case still same. It’s almost 17months now since I applied.

From past 186 days the status is “Case was Received”. Not sure when will I get the update on it.

For me it’s been 271 days, what are you doing right now what your attorney is telling you m?? are you in your country or you are waiting for a response here in the us ??

Did you get the renewal yet???