Still waiting for an invtrview

Case approved on January 7/2020 everything was document and approved with NVC as well JUNE 19/2020 still waiting for an Inteview at this point I’m not sure how long or what’s going on

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My Case documentary completed at NVC in January 2020 . Still waiting for an interview

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Omg that’s crazy it’s taking sooo long

Yes it is … Don’t know what is happening and what are they doing…

Same I’ve been waiting also March 2020😭

Still waiting for the decision 7 months after the interview

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All set you guys we got the interview she’s all set and came here on November 24 very happy

I was approved 2018 and still no interview for Guatemala. Can you call foe interview update or at this phase we just wait

My son his interview before 10 months and still nothing no response from the embassy they waiting priority date