Uscis received my response to RFE for 50 days but my case does not have a dicision yet

i am waiting to get my f2a case approved after sending additional documents to uscis office in vermont. the case status was updated 50 days ago when mail was received by the office, it say it will send me a decision or if needs other’s document, but now i haven’t received any update up to now. what can i do?

Hi! I had the same situation! Try to resubmit again and write a letter for USCIS with your RFE. I did it and got an update in the same day when they received my second response.

NY1210, thanks for your advice! My cases has been updated and it was approved finally.

Hey … what is your priority date ? And where do you live ?

hi,it is jan 2019 and i learned some may 2019 cases have been approved

Is your spouse citizen or greencard holder? Where do you stay ?

Coz mine is jan 2019 and no updates yet … my wife is a greencard holder and we both live in india …