Waiting for an interview schedules

The lasted update : ready for an interview scheduled on 10/25/2019 (225 days) ~

Anyone waiting for schedule? I’m in New Jersey and my case of National Benefits Center.

Wish I get the good news soon!

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Which kind of application are you filling?

CR1 marriage with citizenship

I’m F2A, San Jose CA and my PD is Aug 23, 2019. Case is ready to be scheduled an interview since 29 Feb 2020. Combo card is approved and received by 9 Aprl 2020.

My timeline:

08/15 Marriage

08/23 Send the documents to USCIS

08/27 Priority date for the applications

09/06 Received the case number by sms 12:18 am

09/11 Receivede NOA1 ( 3 of Applications)

09/13 Received ArSC Appointment Notice

09/20 Send eAR-11 for change the address

09/24 Biometric at Elizabeth, NJ

10/25 Case ready to be scheduled for an interview

10/25 Got the RFE mail for I-693

12/18 Combo card approved

12/23 Card was delivered to me by post Office

Help Help

My wife interview was cancel oct 10 2019 and we haven’t have any update since that day … everytime we call uscis for that they dont give us actual what happen to our case … I apply for my wife green card … we received workpermit travel payroll but green card interview got cancel … no update help help if anyone have any idea

For my opinion I will make a request case outside normal processing time. But not sure will work or not just try. https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=onpt

I did that I didn’t work , I feel like trump administration is doing it intentionally