Waiting for approval?

I130 IR/CR1 Spouse of US Citizen
PD-Nov 2019
Transferred from Texas
Currently showing processing at California but is under review in Washington Field Office

(My case has been juggling between California, Vermont and Washington Field office in the past 8 months as per USCIS update which changes every month)

It has been 15 months and still waiting. Received nothing other than NOA1

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Hi Nupur

I suggest you to contact USCIS by submitting e-Request to inquire about your case.

Please open this link https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/Intro.do

They response pretty quick. Less than a week.

Good luck. I really hope you will get approve soon.

Hey Maria, I was in a similar situation that Nupur is right now, just my case took a lot longer… I had filed many Erequest but I received nothing more then a generic reply… hope Nupur gets a favorable reply and soon

I am sorry for what happen to you.

If you have family in US, maybe try to call them in 8-10am.

I really hope you guys can figure this out.

Many prays,

I have tried everything… we have attorney from the beginning…. They have tried contacting USCIS in every way possible…. Infact my husband contacted both Congressman and senator but ti no avail…. They all gave generic responses and asked us to wait…. This is so Frustrating….

Hey Kunal, can you tell me more about your case? How are we in the same boat? Your PD? Service center? Transfer? What is the current status?

Hey Nupur,

My wife who is a US citizen sponsored my in feb 2017, finger prints were done real quick, got my EAD and Advance parole quickly too… interview was arranged in 7 months or filing. It went well but…

Officer said will take the decision and will let us know which took forever… same like you, numerous calls, eRequest, any possible way to get hold of them I tried, nothing worked at all… and I am talking about 2020 (no answer YET)

Had my wife’s baby shower at home in Oct 2020 and guess what USCIS showed up… i130 was approved in a week after that, and they sent me an RFE for my updated medical for my i485, which after responding in a week and it was approved after 24 days…

It was California service center