Your interview was completedand your case must be reviewed

It’s been 1 month after my interview, and I haven’t received a reply yet, whenever I check the uscis system I see the information that the case has been completed but the case must be reviewed, is anyone going through this situation?

I’m in same boat . I had interview in august and no update yet so I hope get soon well.

Same as me! I had interviewed in Nov 6,2020 and still I don’t hear anything from them at all the status to interview was scheduled. Married to USC :sob:

Same here in November still nothing

I have the same from September 18 2018 is so bad

U guys lucky I m still waiting for my interview

You had interview in 2018?

I just had my interview today. Waiting to hear back from them :pray:t4:

So I got my case approved same day :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Yes September 18 2018

Oh it’s long time . Did you apply for any inquiry or they send you anything why they took so long time ?